About Minications

Where did Minications Travel Inc. come from?

Julie has planned over 40 local and international trips for multiple agencies.  Julie prides herself on her ability to offer new opportunities that are not similarly offered.  As a wife and mother of 2 children; Julie wants to pursue her dream of offering these much needed mini-trips!  Over the years, Julie has heard from numerous travellers and their families that there is a need for such vacations.  Julie has always wanted to do this and she finally has!

Not only does Julie want to offer supported travel for adults with developmental disabilities but she also wants to support families in the process as well.  These vacations offer parents/caregivers respite; time away from the responsibilities for caring for a loved one.  Parents matter too!  Parents can relax knowing that their adult child is safe and having a great time!  Everybody is supported when one books a Minication experience!

Welcome Minications Travel Inc.  COME AND JOIN US!