Minications Travel Inc. FAQ’s

What’s included in the cost of a trip with Minications Travel Inc.?

Minications Travel offers high quality trips at reasonable rates.  Included in the trip are the staffing, transportation, trip costs, accommodations, most food which will be specified in the trip itinerary, and a photo-book of each experience if the trip if longer than 48 hours. 

Families typically pay anywhere from $100 - $150/24 hour period for respite care.  These trips factor in this cost in addition to the cost of the trip for both the traveller and the staffing costs.  The rates are very reasonable and allow for mom and dad to have quiet weekend together while appreciating their traveller is on an enjoyable quality trip with enthusiastic staff members.

Please note that GST is charged on the cost of all trips.  Receipts will be provided.

What are the staffing ratios?

The trips offer a comfortable 3 to 5 travellers to one staff member.  Staff members are there to ensure travellers are having a great time and are safe.  Minication’s registration forms ensure staff know and have planned for each traveller’s individual needs.  Staff assist with daily life and social skills such as interpersonal interactions, personal hygiene, medications, money exchange, budgeting, and ultimately having a great time.  Minications Travel Inc. does not offer 1:1 support. 

How do we determine if Minications Travel Inc. is a good fit for each traveller?

Ensuring Minications Travel Inc. is appropriate for all travelers is done through an extensive registration process.  Forms are filled out by the family, then they are reviewed through an informal interview with Julie Thiele to ensure an appropriate fit.  Adults 19 and over with developmental disabilities who are highly independent and who are able to fit safely into a staffing ratio of 3:1 – 5:1 will be great fits for vacations with Minications Travel Inc.

How many people stay in a room? 

All trips are based on a double occupancy.  Each traveller will have their own bed.  

What identification is required?

Carecards and BCid are mandatory on all trips.  In addition, passports are mandatory on all international trips.

Do travellers need insurance?

Travellers must have medical insurance for all international costs.  These costs are the responsibility of the traveller.  Proof of purchase must be submitted to Minications Travel Inc. two weeks prior to departure on an international trip. 

How do you ensure safety on these trips?

Through an extensive Traveller Registration Form and an informal interview with Julie Thiele, staff will know each traveller’s particular needs.  Staff will be assigned to a group of special needs travellers and be well informed about who will be joining on the vacation.  Travellers will be provided with emergency contact cards; carried by travellers during the trip; listing contact information, staff and group information as well as any of their medical conditions and/or medications. 

Where do the trips depart from?

All trips depart from the Lower Mainland.  If a traveller is joining from outside of the Lower Mainland it is the traveller’s responsibility to meet at the departure location, unless pick up from an airport or bus terminal is arranged with Minications Travel Inc. at the time of registration. 

Does Minications Travel offer 1:1 staffing support?

At this point in time, Minications Travel Inc. does not offer 1:1 staffing support.