Minications Travel - Our Staff

Helping Create Travel Memories for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Minications Team - Who are we?

The staff team are highly supportive, experienced and dedicated individuals.  Each staff has post-secondary education, first aid, non-violent crisis intervention as well as a combination of various work experience supporting individuals with developmental disabilities.  Safety is paramount on our trips and the staff are well equipped to ensure safety and fun are our top priorities.

Julie Thiele, President

Julie Thiele
In a nutshell, who is Julie?  She is an energetic burst of fun!  Julie has an infectious way about her that those around her can be comfortably themselves but she also has a way about her that challenges people to reach for more for themselves, and to learn and grow.

Julie has been involved with the Community Living Field for 23 years and believes it is the greatest place to be!  Julie believes, “I am always learning from those around me to appreciate the small things and embrace who people are.”  Further, she exclaims, “I want to make a difference.  I want to offer people with developmental disabilities really unique experiences.  Whether it is a night out or the opportunity to travel, I want those who join Minications Travel to make or build upon current friendships, to learn and to grow, but mainly to have a fantastic experience.”

Years ago, Julie’s mother was leading an Adult Social Skills group with the Delta Lifeskill’s Program and needed an assistant.   Julie applied and was hired in her first job as a support worker.  She knew instantaneously that this was her calling.  During high school, she worked as a life and social skills worker with several clients.  She also became an Autism Intervention worker who assisted with the development of both the program and the brochure for the Delta Continuing Education Program.  Upon graduation from high school, Julie completed her Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology while supervising an Out of School Daycare for the YMCA.   Julie was also a leader for Delta Summer Fun, as well as the group leader for the children, youth and adult social skills groups with Delta Life Skills Society.  These positions highlighted her strength to plan and execute exciting and purposeful outings.

Julie’s dog, Monkey
Julie spent a year abroad as an Au Pair for two little girls in Denmark.  She spoke no Danish whatsoever and the girls spoke no English.  You can only imagine how they communicated!  This experience taught her just how very important communication it is as well as how frustrating it is when one is not understood.  Julie says, “We have to be patient and most of all we have to be highly creative when it is challenging to understand what others want to convey when they are having a hard time doing so.”

When Julie came home from Denmark, she worked for 2 years as a Teacher’s Assistant with the Delta School Board while completing her Bachelor of Arts in Family Studies.  Since then, she has completed numerous courses in mediation and negotiation through the JIBC.

Julie believes the next 7 years of her life managing Recreation and Leisure Services at Semiahmoo House Society were unforgettable.   Julie’s expansion of the program over the years speaks volumes to her vision, drive and dream to offer people with developmental disabilities as many opportunities as possible!  There are no limits to the great trips and programs she will offer!  Minications is a dream come true! 

Christy Dunphy, Community Support Worker

Christy Dunphy
Christy wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, flowers on every street corner waiting to be smelled and where everyone is treated equally and respectfully.

As a recent stay at home mom, she has 18 year’s experience with Shaw Cable and 7 year’s experience as a subcontractor for the Ministry of Child & Families. Along with her husband, she provided 72 hour respite to families of children and young adults with various disorders and disabilities. She was an integral part of the assessment & support in upwards of 20 children as she worked closely with social workers and therapists to assist families in need. She also worked as a care worker in homes, including her own parents' home that fostered some of the province’s most challenging children. She holds certifications in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention, CPR Level 2 & many parenting courses.

When she's not working on her home based business or volunteering at her children’s' school, you can find her whipping up her latest creation in the kitchen, smiling and socializing with pretty much everyone, and playing barefoot with her three children in the yard.

Be assured, when your loved one is in Christy's care, they will be safe & well cared for.

Karri Johnson, Community Support Worker

Karri Johnson
Karri Johnson
My name is Karri and I am so excited to be a part of the Minications Support Staff!  A little background about me - working with children and young adults has always been a dream of mine.  I started working with young adults with exceptionalities in high school and I knew that becoming an educator and support worker was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  Being in this field is one of the most rewarding and has the most amazing opportunites to help others. 

The main reason why I wanted to work in this field was because I have a sister with Down Syndrome.  She is the most loving, caring, outgoing and hard working person I have ever met.  Growing up with her has given me great compassion and patience, and I take pride in helping her achieve great things!  She has been a part of Semiahmoo House Society and working for them for numerous years now. 

It gave me the idea to apply in 2011 and I worked as a Community Support Worker in the Rec and Leisure Program.   I have also been a part of the Delta Lifeskills Program, REACH and the Centre of Child Development.  I graduated from Southern Oregon Universiy with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Health and PHysical Education in 2011.  Last spring I graduated from Stenberg College with my Special Education Assistant Diploma.  I am currently a Support Teacher at Creative Kids Preschool working with children ages 3 - 5, office managing at Surrey Chiropractic Clinic and working towards becoming an ABA interventionist.  IN my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends, family and playing softball.