Minications Travel Policies

On our trips for developmentally disabled adults, it is important for your travellers safety that all policies are followed.

Alcohol – Travellers must indicate on their Traveller Registration Form whether they are or are not permitted to consume alcohol on trips with Minications Travel Inc.  For the safety of our travellers we have a strict limit of a maximum of 3 alcoholic beverages.  While most food is covered by the cost of your trip, alcohol is a separate cost not covered by the vacation fee.

Behaviour – If at any point prior to or during a trip a traveller displays behaviour that is unsafe for himself/herself and/or the other travellers, families will be expected to pick up their traveller at their own expense.

Late Arrival – If a traveller arrives late for departure, Minications Travel will make one attempt to contact the traveller and his/her primary contact.  If no contact is made, the group will leave 30 minutes after the said departure time.  It is the traveller’s responsibility to make arrangements to join the group at the vacation destination.

Late Pick-up – It is expected that parents/caregivers arrive promptly to pick up their traveller at the stated pick up time.  If a parent/caregiver is going to be late they must notify staff members by phone.  If the group is going to be late, staff will make every attempt to contact parents/caregivers through email or by phone.

Medication – All travellers who require medication will be expected to complete the section on the Traveller Registration Form.  Prescriptions medications must be bubble packed and given to Julie Thiele 2 weeks prior to departure.  In addition, all over the counter medications must be clearly labelled with the traveller’s name, indicated on the Traveller Registration form and provided to Julie Thiele 2 weeks prior to departure.

Photos/Videos – Travellers are expected to sign consent forms to have photos/video taken and published on newsletters, websites and promotions.

Sick – For the safety and health of everyone, Minications Travel does not permit those who are sick from attending trips.  Trips are non-refundable.

Withdrawal/Cancellation – All trips are non-refundable.  If you cancel, you will receive a credit towards a future Minication.  No exceptions.